Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspirations for a Friday

Its a beautiful rainy day outside, and I thought it high time to visit some of my favorite blogs and share with you some of the people and things that are inspiring me.

First up is this gorgeous wrapping and a bar of carrot soap made by a Haitian woman named Berta. Rebecca Sower is selling it to help make money for Berta's artisan group, Haiti by Hand. I love the look of the soap itself, and of course the organization and people it will be going to support, but creatively, I am really inspired by the wrapping. That felt tag, especially is amazing.

It does make me think about what I have to offer the Haiti people, even if I don't have a lot of funds to be able to donate. I will have to think on that. So far it seems the best option would be to donate items to Craft Hope for Haiti on ETSY, to help fund things that way. It is amazing what crafters can do to impact the world, and I really admire what this group is doing to help with the crisis in Haiti.

Canvas Word Art has been inspiring me a lot lately too. This snippet from A Spattering just really draws me in with the mixture of text, colors, and texture. *SWOON*.

Rachel's Wall Art has me inspired as well!

I have been trying to get more into understanding and using herbs in various ways throughout my home. I love the smell and look of herbs, and I love that they go straight from nature to you without all the processing in between. This Celendula Eye Compress by Angry Chicken is really making me happy right now.

Loving this necklace from Lisa Leonard. Wanting to have something like it with mine and Kevin's initials on it (K&K)

It reminds me so much of the heart Kevin carved into the tree back in Lawton. I would absolutely wear something like that every single day. I think it is one of the most gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry I've ever seen. Here's our tree heart. :)

This beautiful afghan from Posy Gets Cozy is inspiring me to pick up the yarn and needle/hook and get busy. I have a few WIP's in progress, though I'm itching to start something like this as well!

This little woven quilt by Spirit Cloth really inspires me with texture as well, which seems to be a big thing for me lately. I can just see this hung up on the wall in a small reading corner.

Finding myself inspired by the beautiful valentines goodies over at The Cottage Gals

So... that's a big chunk of what has caught my eye lately... I hope you enjoyed it! What is inspiring you these days?

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