Friday, December 4, 2009

Proof I can Knit

I realized that even though I've been knitting for 3+ years now, literally all of the projects in my projects pages on Ravelry are crocheted. So... without further adu... proof I can knit.

Isn't he cute? There are lavender and chamomile blossoms inside his belly that make him smell incredibly good. Supposedly they are great for helping littles sleep. This bitsy gnome will make his way into a shoebox gift for an infant who wouldn't otherwise have a Christmas gift.

I also have a question for you. I am wanting to knit something new at our San Antonio Fiber Junkies Knit Night tomorrow. Any ideas of what I should start knitting? Have you been creating anything new lately?


  1. Aww he's so cute!

    When I was knitting, I liked making dishcloths. Scarves are always practical (maybe not where you are?). Hats are quick from what I understand. There are TONS of free patterns online. It's just a matter of deciding what you want to do. Good luck!

  2. aaaaaaw how gorgeous is that!!! pattern on Ravelry for one? they would make cute little tree decorations. :)

  3. Thanks everyone! Sarah - actually I do knit - I just haven't uploaded anything to share on Ravelry. I usually knit for gifts, and just never remember to take a pic before I send them off to be given to someone. ;) My queue and fav's are stacked to the ceiling and I've knitted a few of them, too... I just never remember to get pictures LOL!

  4. I know you wear headscarfs, maybe a couple of those? Or nesting boxes if you want to play with felting? Christmas IS coming....this year's ornament could be knitted? or a cup cozy for your tea mug.

  5. I keep forgetting to knit myself headscarves! :) Thanks Mandy!