Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Beginnings

First, a quick throw back to the old blog, located here. Feel free to go visit anytime to view old posts, until I can figure out how to move the archives over here. I'll try to get to that asap, promise. :)

I know this post has been a long time coming, and truthfully I've been dreading it. I haven't really known how to just chime in and say, "Hey sorry I totally abandoned the blog and the message board and all my friends and members!" Yeah... I pretty much suck for that one. I will say that it has been a trying 8 months, a marriage flipped upside down, adventures of living with friends, and starting over fresh in so many ways. There has been heartbreak and there has been joy. There has been hurt and there has been healing. A lot has happened. Its life. It is up, and down, front, then back. That's part of why this whole "Reclaiming" thing is so ingrained into me. It all circles around and I just start over again, making it work... making it mine.

One thing I have had to face very seriously is that there is no magic "arrival" to that perfect home and family, or that perfect sense of self. Life is imperfect. Bad things happen, and often to good people. Things don't work out how you envisioned them. Plans change and you have to adjust and move forward anyway. That's what reclaiming is all about.

Maybe someday when I've lived a long life and learned all the lessons I came to this earth to learn, there will be some sense of right in the whole of the world. For now I'm just working on navigating my way through the muck and cleaning it off from time to time, as we try to make our way.

This is a particular time of Reclaiming for me, and I am so anxious to get back to blogging and interacting with the community of bloggers and friends I love so much. I want to share more of myself on the blog than I have before, from my dreams and goals to the daily goings on around here. I'll share creative endeavors, inspirations, and my general thoughts and feelings about homemaking, life, and who knows what else may escape this wacky head of mine. It is going to be real, and quirky, and hopefully a little fun.

Thanks for sticking with me. :)

Why don't you all help me kick this off by telling me the most important thing that has happened in your life during the last 6 months? I've been so out of the loop, and there's nothing quite as therapeutic and wonderful as connecting with other people.


  1. Most important? That's hard. There were really 2 major happenings that I missed your wisdom & sympathy for...1) my best childhood friend (the one who lived with us) went missing for 3 weeks, her car was found 600 miles from her home, and she eventually turned up some 400 miles from her car....we have no idea what happened to her during those 3 weeks, because she had amnesia. 2) My mom was diagnosed with end-stage multiple myeloma....4 days before Amber went missing. She spent that entire month in the hospital/rehab center, and she's home now, but "the new normal" is an adjustment for all of us. It's not a hospice situation at this time, but she is significantly weaker/sicker/more compromised than ever, requiring round-the-clock care, and I have been trying to help her at least weekly--doing laundry, dishes, etc. & staying with her so my dad can go out now and then.

    So. That's what's new in our neck of the woods. Other than that I've just been hanging in there, getting better physically (lost 30+ pounds this year) and emotionally, and taking care of other people, which is what makes me happiest. Still no good baby news but I do get to help take care of my friends' twins every week and that's been a blessing.

    ((((hugs)))) I'm so glad you're back, I've missed you so much. If you ever feel like it, PM with details of what's been going on, I feel like I've caught snippets here & there with no real big picture as to what's in your head. Love ya girl.

  2. For what it's worth? You didn't abandon us. You took a much much needed break. We knew you would return when you were ready and we awaited your arrival with eagerness.

    For me, the biggest thing is pretty obvious: our beautiful little daughter was born and she rocks our world. I am so grateful to be in a time when everything (mostly) is going well. There are things that are unpleasant or difficult but our life as a whole is currently in a state of joy.