Thursday, June 16, 2011

Walk for Autism

On April 24th I will be walking with a team of other supporters for the national Walk for Autism event.

As most of you know, Autism is a huge part of our lives here in the Rose household. My beautiful Abbi girl shows us a little more every day what it is like to live inside her world.

DSC_0241 (600 x 402)

I will be walking in support of this amazing little girl.

Walk for Autism has a mission of raising funds to help support special education opportunities and early intervention for kids with Autism. As a parent I can tell you just how needed these services are. Abbi wasn't recognized as Autistic until she was nearly 7 years old. In a country where we have amazing medical care and good schools that can help catch and label these things, that is unacceptable. Other children, like Abbi, deserve the chance to start fighting their battles earlier.

I walk for the years Abbi lost, and for the years other children can gain through programs like this. I walk for our future as a family, and as a country. I walk out of love for my daughter.

If you are interested in joining Walk for Autism, you can sign up here.

I am accepting donations toward my walk as well, if anyone feels so led. Every little bit helps. Even $5, $50... whatever you can do to help kids like my Abbi girl. Every donation is appreciated, and my heartfelt thanks go to each of you!!

For those of you who support this walk, and for those of you who have supported and continue to support us personally, I thank you more than words can say. It takes a community to make things work. Thank you!!

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